Indra Jatra being observed in Kathmandu Valley

Indra Jatra, file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Indra Jatra or the festival of rain and fertility is being observed in Kathmandu Valley, Wednesday. It is the biggest religious street festival in Kathmandu which is celebrated by offering prayers to lord Indra.

Taking out chariot processions of the living goddess and performing masked dances of deities and demons commonly known as Lakhe Naach, Lusiki Naach, Mahakali Naach and Dash Avatar are the main features of this festival.

Ganesh, Bhairav, and Kumari are traveled  in separate chariots across the Capital  and Linga ( pole) is erected from which the banner of Indra is unfold at Kathmandu Durbar Square on the occasion.

In the meantime, president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, Vice President Paramananda Jha, Interim Election Council chairman Khil Raj Regmi, senior ministers, government officials and  distinguished personalities and foreign dignitaries are taking part at a special function organized at Basantapur  Durbar Square.

The festival is believed to have been commenced by king Gunakamadeva to commemorate the founding of the city of Kathmandu in the 10th century.

The government has announced a public holiday in the Kathmandu Valley to mark the festival.

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