Domestic airline companies raise air fare

Aircrafts of different domestic airlines at TIA. Photo: File photo
Aircrafts of different domestic airlines at TIA. Photo: File photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Airline companies operating in the domestic sector have increased air fare, thanks to the raising price of air fuel, that Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) said is mandatory to subsidize with the increased oil price in the international market.

The airline operators have decided to increase the air fare from Sunday after the NOC hiked aviation fuel price by Rs 7 per liter making it 1 hundred 37 rupees per liter on Tuesday. The increment will make air travel costly as the airline operators add up the hiked amount as air fuel surplus charge in the air tickets.

Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN), an umbrella organization of airline operators in the country has added up the air fuel surplus charge from Rs 80 to 2 hundred and 70 rupees depending on the distance of destination from the Kathmandu airport.

The increment has made the Dhangadi route most costly after the new price came into effect. Passengers have to pay now Rs 10 thousand 8 hundred to travel in the route via air.

In the mountain flight, foreigners have to add up four American dollars in the regular price while the Nepali nationals have to pay Rs 2 hundred 60 more.

The new air fare rate fixed for Nepali national in mountain flight is rupees 9 thousand 6 hundred 25.

According to the AOAN, increment in fuel charge will directly affect around 1.5 million people who travel by air annually. There are a total of eight fixed-wing operators for domestic flights, namely, Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Tara Air, Simrik Air, Sita Airlines, Air Kasthamandap, Goma Air, and Makalu Air.


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