Festival of thread being observed in Nepal

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KATHMANDU, Nepal-Hindus in Nepal and elsewhere are observing Janai Purnima or  the festival of thread on Wednesday. On the occasion, Hindus renew their Janai or religious thread after having a holy dips in pond and river.

People also receive the Rakshya Bandhan thread around their wrist from a Brahmin priest. According to Hindu belief, the thread is regarded as a symbol of protection.

The thread wearer believes that it will bring him or her good luck. It is believed that this thread should only be removed on Laxmi Puja, which falls two months later and tied to the tail of a cow.

Thousands of Hindu devotees are thronging temples across the nation to observe the festival. In Kathmandu, large number of devotees have gathered at religious places like Pashupatinath, Guheswari ,Bhadrakali and Patandurbar Square of Lalitpur since early morning to receive blessings and wear religious threads.

On the occasion, people consume Kwati- a soup prepared from nine different beans. In the Terai, sisters tie Rakhis to their brother’s wrist wishing them a long and prosperous life.

The Newar communities are observing the festival as Gunhu Punhi while Gurung and Thakali communities observe Yatung Mela (fair) in the premises of Muktinath temple in Mustang on this day.

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