Foreigners visiting Manaslu Conservation Area escalated

Manaslu Conservation Project, file photo
Manaslu Conservation Project, file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal- As many as 21,800 foreigners have so far visited the Manaslu Conservation Area after the Nepal government permitted the entrance of visitors en masse since 1995.

Foreigners mostly from Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway, America, England, German, Russia, Turkey, Japan and Korea among other countries paid visit conservation area to observe the beautiful landscape of the place.

The Manaslu Area Conservation Project (MACP) has been gathering detailed information of the foreigners visiting the place by establishing tourist information center at Jagat and Sama in the district.

With the publicity of the site in international levels on part of traveler, the number of visitors travelling MACP has mounted, according to the project located at Gorkha, around 200 kilometers far of Gorkha.

According to the figure made public by the conservation area, some 4,250 foreigners paid visit the place in 2012 while it was 2,322 in 2010. Similarly, a total of 2,890, 1850 and 1830 foreigners visited the MCAP respectively in the year 2009, 2008 and 2007.

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