384,436 mountaineers atop Mt Everest till 2012

Mt. Everest, file photo.
Mt. Everest, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Altogether 384,436 mountaineers have successfully scaled Mt. Everest till December 2012 since Tenzing Norgey Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary atop it for the first time in May 29, 1953, a government´s publication stated.

According to the latest version of ‘Mountaineering in Nepal Facts & Figures’ made public by Tourism Industry Division under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation on Friday, a total of 35 different types of world record have been made in the highest peak in the world till date.

Among 384, 436 successful mountaineer, 220 of them are female. Likewise, 497 people have climbed Mt. Lhotse since May 18, 1956.

Similarly, 451 people have scaled Mt. Dhaulagiri since May 13, 1960, while  376 enthusiastic climber have atop Mt. Makalu since May 15, 1955.

Likewise, 296 people have scaled Mt. Kanchenjunga since it was conquered back on May 25, 1955. ‘Altogether 221 people have climbed Mt Annapurna I, 53 summiteers have scaled Mt. Yalung Kung since May 14 , 1973’’, the publication further reads.

In case of the mountains above 8,000m, Mt. Manaslu stood first to have witnessing huge crowd of mountaineer after Everest as a total of 844 summiteers atop the peak till last of  December 2012 since it was first ascended on May 9, 1956. Mt. Manaslu received highest number of climbers after Mt. Everest.

According to the publication, only 14 people have reached Mt. cho-Oyu since Februaray 12, 1984.

Till December 2012, the government of Nepal has opened 326 snow covered peaks for climbing since it was first open to international climbers in 1949.

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