No bird flu virus on human up to now: Epidemiology and Disease Control Division

File photo.
Health workers destroying chickens at  a bird flu infected farm in Bhaktapur district, last week. File photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Epidemiology and Disease Control Division (EDCD) under the Ministry of Health and Population has make it clear that no human has  been found suffering from the avian influenza (H5N1) so far.

After the sample test of spittle accumulated from some local peoples of Capital Kathmandu having contact with the bird flu infected poultry farms, entrepreneurs, workers and people residing 300 meter around the poultry farms showed no H5N1 virus on them, Division Chief Dr. G D Thakur informed.

Dr. Thakur said the areas where the virus was detected were under their close surveillance.

H5N1 virus was confirmed in over two dozen poultry farm in the Capital Kathmandu over the period of last three weeks. Only on Tuesday, bird flu was detected in four farms in Bhaktapur and Lalitpur district.

The division said consumption of infected chicken and eggs and direct contact with infected fowls, their excreta, feeds, and water are the sources of infections. It is also disseminating anti-viral medicine which heightens people’s immunity power.

Meanwhile, the government has advised the commoner to have health checkup if they suffer from common cold since it is a time for seasonal influenza.

With the outbreak of bird flu in the country, health workers have frequently asking the people to wash hand with soap and water after working at poultry farms and advised to cook chicken at 70 degree which is suitable for consume.

Government has banned for the product and transportation of chickens from a place infected with bird flu virus to another places in the country for a week, imposing Animal Health and Livestock Service Act a week ago.


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