Climate change adapting seeds on the offing

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- In a bid to keep food security, Nepal Agricultural Research Center (NARC), under the Ministry of Agriculture is planning to recommend climate change adapting seeds from next year.

 ‘Preparations are afoot to recommend climate change friendly seeds to lessen direct effects of climate change in agriculture sectors’, an official at the center told to Nepal Mountain Focus.

According to him, keeping in view the climate change effects, the center is making recommendations of appropriate seeds in mountainous districts to cope with climate change effect.

 ‘Sowing in of recommended seeds would help boosting agriculture productivity,’ he expressed his hope.

 In the meantime, the government is developing a plan to share aboriginal seeds for genetic research besides preserving seeds of local species.

 The government is weaving plan to exchange aboriginal seeds after the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) called policy papers from the member countries to impose the international treaty on Plant Genetic Resource for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA).

 It is learnt that the policy has been seen as a crucial treaty to combat against hunger and poverty as it grants seed rights to farmers. Nepal is a signatory to the treaty. 

 This is the last year, so Nepal has to summit a national plan to FAO. Nepal along with 126 countries has signed on the ITPGRFA. Nepal can import aboriginal seeds only after the plan is submitted.

 For the purpose, Nepali Agriculture Scientists have been digging into seed varieties in the country, it is learnt.




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