Suspicious murderers of Saco brought to Kathmandu

Aubrey Caroline Saco, photo courtesy to
Aubrey Caroline Saco, photo courtesy to

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Two more persons held on charge of murdering an American tourist Aubrey Caroline Saco, 23, some three years back, have been taken to the capital Kathmandu on Saturday for further investigation into the case. They were arrested on Friday.

Those arrested are Chyangba Tamang of Sarmathali-9 and Lyakpa Dindup Tamang of Langtang -8, according to the District Police Office, Rasuwa.

Earlier, the police had arrested Pemba Lama, Jagat Tamang and Lhakpa Lopchan of Lamtang on charge of their involvement in the murder. Similarly, Lopchan, believed to be the mastermind behind the attack was held on Friday reacting on the statement of Pemba.

Saco, who had gone on a solo hiking in the Lamtang region had gone missing in April 20, 2010.

In the meantime, the family members of Sacco in America said they have not received any authorized information regarding the murder of her daughter from the government of Nepal.

Reacting to the news published in a Nepalese daily newspaper on Saturday, the family has sent a mail to the paper stating that they are yet to be cleared about the shocking news of her daughter, it is learnt.


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