170 INGOs serving programmes in Nepal

File Photo, SWC
File Photo, SWC

KATHMANDU, Nepal-A total of 170 international non-government organizations ( INGOs) have launching various projects and programmes in Nepal, so far. Out of 250 INGOs, which obtained license to run programme in Nepal, only 170 are serving at present, according to the data provided by the Social Welfare Council (SWC), an authorized organization which give permission to register international organization in Nepal informed.

At a time when INGOs have been enduring severe criticism for failing to exert appropriate transparency, and amidst criticism about their working style along with the involvement in the controversial activities, SWC made public the data by further disclosing that Rs.32.67 billion has been invested in the programmes currently operated by such organizations nationwide.

Many of these organizations have been launching various programmes in the sectors of community development, environment, uplift of children and women, social welfare and educations in Nepal. Likewise, Gender equality, rule of law, peace, diseases, capacity building of the youths and children and women, diseases, humanitarian assistance, fundamental rights are some of the other fields in which  INGOs are spending dollar through various programme and many of them have been succeeded in their goal.

However, SWC has not disclosed anything about the situation of the programms and their progress, putting deaf ear towards the rest of the organizations.

Meanwhile sub-clause 2 of the clause 23 of the Social Welfare Act has it that the social organizations affiliated with SWC have to furnish annual reports including the details of their works to SWC within six months of the end of a fiscal year.

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