Nepal-India Army Joint Expedition Team scales Everest

KATHMANDU, Nepal- The first group of Nepal-India Mt. Everest Expedition and Sanitation Campaign has successfully climbed the world’s highest peak Mount Everest on Sunday, May 19, 2013.

The team that was in the base camp for the last one month for acclimatization has reached the summit at 9 A.M Sunday, said the Nepal Army.

Successful climbers of Mt. Everest were Major Samir Basnet, Captain Kishor Adhikari, Battalian Managing Sergeant Gyanendra Hudda and Corporal Dhirendra Shahi of the Nepal Army.

Similarly, Major R.S. Jamwal, Senior Warrant Officer Mingmar Gurung, Army Havildars- Sudhir Singh and Chatar Singh and Lance Nayak Sukbir of the Indian Army have also accompanied the group up to the summit.

The expedition and the cleaning team have also been cleaning up the Everest by collecting the garbage at Base Camp and above for the last one month.


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