Mountaineers will push for Broad Peak summit tomorrow

Dal nostro corrispondente in Pakistan, Muhammad Aurang Zaib

Karakoram climbing season 2017 is fairly underway, a lot of team arrived and still some are arriving. Tomorrow, 11th July, 2017 in early morning, about 19 climbers with nationalities from Iran, Germany, Poland, Chili, Japan, Spain, Germany and Switzerland will push for the summit of 8051m Broad Peak.

Together there are mountaineers from  different tour operating agencies. Earlier the weather was not so good and there were reports of heavy snow fall on mountains, tomorrow the mountaineers will try their luck to attempt for summit taking the benefit of favorable weather and open window. All the climbers are at camp 3, even the rope fixing remained very slow due to heavy snow. 


Foto in alto: Broad Peak 


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