Whose is it? Some reports lead to the 2008 K2 Disaster

calzinoWe have received many replies from the entire world to identify the boot, in order to give a name to the corpse Michele Cucchi, alpine guide of Alagna, recently found on K2, during a mission to document the environmental state of the glacier.

The reports seem to refer to the 2008 K2 Disaster when, on the night of 1 August, a serac broke off above the bottleneck (8100 mt) and swept away the climbers that were descending from the peak. Even Marco Confortola was there, that night, and outlined the events in his book, Giorni di Ghiaccio. Agosto 2008. La tragedia del K2.

We are viewing the expedition photos and some of the climbers actually would wear the same brand boots as the found one. If you have photos or information that can help us in the search, please send them to us.

Lately, we have received an additional photograph, showing a sock that could represent a further clue to find out more.


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