(English) Rare species of plant under threat

File image source: agency
File image source: agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Flora and Fauna used in preparing home remedies are under threat of extinction due to over harvesting in Rautha district of terai lowland.

Khayar, a particular species of tree from which valuable extracts are gained for use as medicine, is now so rare it is difficult to spot a few trees in the forests there, Nagrik news reports quoting locals as saying. 

Growing deforestation and rampant grazing is to be blamed for the extinction of herbal plants, according to the locals. 

Previously, the District Forest Office, Rautahat had confiscated huge amount of timber of the satisal, a rare tree species with medicinal value. Its timber is most sought-after for making Nepalese drum and other instruments.

The timber smugglers have reportedly cut down a large number of the satisal trees in the northern belt of the district for extracting timber, leaving plant and trees under threat.

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