(English) Trekking routes wear deserted look in Himalaya

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–The existence of tourism site and trekking route in Himalayan district Myagdi has been at risk. Stakeholders complained that the route stretching from district headquarters Beni to Jomsom of Mustang has been reeling under crisis for the past six years. The protracting digging of road stretch is creating trouble to the smooth operation of trekking route.

Most of the foreign tourists travelling to Mt. Dhaulagiri have preferred using alternative trekking route to reach due to lack of proper maintenance and construction of the trekking route.

According to Nepali online reports, the trekking routes operated in various VDCs including Shikh and Ghar of the district are at stake after the motorable road reached the area last year.

Though more than 250 foreign tourists used to reach different places including Ghodepani, Punahil, Nagi and Khopra through the trekking routes during peak tourist season until two years back, the arrival of trekkers has been cut down by 70 percent after road digging started a year back, according to local tourism entrepreneurs.

With the sharp decline of foreign tourists’ arrival, some hotels operated along the trekking route have come to a grinding halt, it is learnt.

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