(English) Seeking justice for 329 days, Adhikari loses battle

Image source: Facebook post
Image source: Facebook post

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Nanda Prasad Adhikari of Phujel, Gorkha district, who was on a fast-unto-death for the last 329 days demanding justice over the murder of his son Krishna Prasad, passed away on Monday.

Doctors at Bir Hospital who have been involved in the treatment of the Adhikari couple pronounced him dead.

Nanda Prasad and his wife Ganga Maya were on a fast unto death for the past 11 months demanding legal action against those involved in their son Krishna Prasad’s murder.

According to doctors, Ganga Maya’s health condition, too, is critical.

The then Maoist outfit had kidnapped and murdered the couple’s 17-year old son in Chitwan on June 6, 2004.

Adhikari couple had filed a criminal case at Chitwan district police against the culprits. However, a legal action against the perpetrators could never proceed properly amid the Maoists’ threat and obstruction.

The then Khil Raj Regmi government had taken the accused in custody and forwarded a legal process of action against them.

However, Maoist leaders protested against arrests, due to which the legal process could not go further.

The deceased and his wife were surviving on endogenous nutrients. Doctors had been force-feeding nutrition formula containing important basic nutrients.

The couple had broken their fast in the presence of government officials and human rights activists in September, 2013 following government assurance to investigate the murder of their son.

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