(English) Everest avalanche:MDRES identifies 31 children for scholarship


KATHMANDU, Nepal–Mountaineering Disaster Relief and Educational Support (MDRES) Fund Committee has identified 31 orphan children of the deceased mountaineers swept away by the Everest avalanche this summer.

During the Council meeting of Asian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UAAA) held in Hongkong recently, president of Nepal Mountaineering Association Aang Tshering Sherpa said the committee identified those numbers of orphan children who will enjoy scholarship and other funds for the continuation of their study and career development.

With the clear need for an official response system to provide support for all victims of mountaineering accidents in Nepal, NMA established MDRES Fund.

The UAAA is the highest Asian governing body of all mountaineering, climbing and mountain tourism activities in Asia. Officials of national alpine federations and national mountaineering federations from all over the Asia attended the UAAA council meeting.

Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa who headed the three members’ representation from Nepal informed that the committee has decided to provide financial support of NRs. 5000 per month to the child from Kinder Garden level to grade five. Likewise, NRs. 7,000 and NRs.10, 000 per month will be offered for grade 5-10 and college students respectively.

The committee has also decided to give full scholarship for the students studying at one of the best Boarding School and College in Kathmandu, from the next academic session, according to NMA.

To remind, Benoit Chamoux Foundation, France based charitable organization has also owned up to allocate required fund for the study of two children of Aang Kaji Sherpa, one of the victims of the avalanche.

The upshot of Everest avalanche, commercial and non-commercial mountaineering and adventure tourism, traffic on Mt. Everest, fixing of ladder at the Hillary Step and garbage on Mt. Everest were discussed during the meeting.

Likewise, impact of climate change and global warming in the high Himalayan regions and the threat of glacial lake outburst floods were also discussed on the occasion.

An avalanche hit Khubu Icefall, near Camp 1 at the height of 5800m of Mt. Everest on 18 April killing 13 mountaineers and 3 still missing. The avalanche came sweeping from the Khumbu Icefall and hammered over the climbing Sherpas, who were heading to Camp I carrying logistics, to set up camps and fix ropes for the climbers of different expedition teams.

During the meeting NMA president Ang Tshering Sherpa informed that NMA was planning to provide scholarship and financial support to children and students for the Bachelor Degree.

NMA reiterates commitment

In the meantime, NMA said it was deeply committed to working for the welfare of mountaineering expedition support climbers, their families and communities. Following the loss of lives of 16 climbing Sherpas on Mt. Everest in the avalanche that occurred on 18 April 2014, NMA has been working to provide support for the families directly affected by this tragedy and also to create a long-term, sustainable way to assist those affected by mountaineering incidents in the future.

The Government of Nepal, via the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA), has directly tasked NMA for ensuring that the families of the climbing Sherpas who died on 18 April are provided adequate support to ensure that the education of the orphan children continue without any interruption.

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