(English) Big cat, a huge source of income

Image: Agency
Image: Agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal– Snow leopard, which once used to be regarded as the biggest enemy of herders residing in hilly region of Illam district, located in the eastern province of Nepal has reportedly become a significant source of income in the recent days.

Local’s standard of living has drastically changed after the inflow of foreign wildlife researchers spurred in the district over the past couple of months, according to a report published in thehimalayantimesdaily.

Scientists have also installed a device called Fox Light, an electric wildlife deterrent in the human settlements where the big cats wander in the carefree manner. The technology has reportedly helped in the study and conservation of snow leopard in the region.

The daily quoting Ananda Subedi, Chief of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) of the region further reported that students from Malaysia and America have been studying on various aspects of the big cat, known scientifically as ‘Uncia Uncial’.

In the meantime, snow leopard scout for school children in mountainous districts Manang and Mustang has constituted to study the behavior and activities of the big cat.

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