(English) Nepali girl commits suicide after Brazil’s defeat

Brazil Fans in shock and despair after World Cup loss. Imag source :
Brazil Fans in shock and despair after World Cup loss. Imag source :

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Deeply saddened by the humiliating defeat of her favorite football team Brazil in semi-final of the World Cup, a teenager has committed suicide.  Pragya Thapa, 15 of Bharaul VDC, Sunsari in east Nepal hanged herself to death, Wednesday morning. 

During the semi final round on Tuesday night, the Brazilian giants had lost the game to Germany 7-1. 

According to Nepal police, she was feeling sad after some of her friends teased her that her team had suffered a humiliating loss to Germany.

Pragya, who was a 10th grader at Siddhartha Memorial School, was an ardent fan of Brazil. Reports quoting her parents said Pragya had been supporting her favorite team Brazil since the very start of the World Cup tournament. 

The reports further added that her own father who works in gulf countries broke out the news about Brazil´s humiliating defeat at the hands of Germany after calling her. Some of her friends and her own mother started teasing her for supporting Brazil, it is learnt.

Sharad Thapa, an inspector said that preliminary investigation showed that Pragya committed suicide as her favorite team lost the match. In a separate report published in a Nepali daily Newspaper, her mother Kalpana admitted that her daughter had warned to finish herself if her favorite team lost the match.

“I had never imagined that my beloved daughter would take such a unpleasant step,” Kalpana told. According to her, Pragya was deeply sad when she heard the news about Brazil´s defeat. Right away she reportedly went inside her room and killed herself. Police believe that having no one, with whom she could share her disappointment, she might have chosen to kill herself.

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