(English) Indian climbers felicitated in Kathmandu

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KATHMANDU, Nepal–Two teenager mountaineer from Andhra Pradesh in India were felicitated in the Capital Kathmandu. 16-year-old Sadhana Palli Anand and 13-year-old Malavath Poorna, who atop the world’s highest peak from the Tibetan side were felicitated amidst a programme in the Capital Kathmandu, Sunday.

Jagaran Media Centre (JMC), a non-governmental organisation which was set up in 2000 by journalists from the Dalit community, and Nepal Dalit Civil Society (NDCS), jointly felicitated the teenager.

Also a nine grader student from a remote village in neighboring India Poorna has set the world record as the youngest female to scale the world’s tallest peak amidst the called of cancellation of the mountaineering activities for this season due to deadliest ever avalanche on April 18.

Nepali Dalit (so called untouchable) cadres lauded Poorna for her remarkable achievement in the Everest. Dalit lawmakers of the constituent assembly were also attended the programme.

Felicitated climbers duo Anand and Poorna. Image: facebook post
Felicitated climbers duo Anand and Poorna. Image: Jagarn Media Center

Poorna, daughter of a poor farmer from a tribal community had received sponsorship from a welfare organisation run by the government for her mountaineering bid.

Though Poorna had demanded the government of Nepal to recognize her as a youngest person to scale the peak, the Tourism Ministry rejected her demand since a person below the age of 16 is not permitted to climb Mt Everest as per the law in the country.

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