Teenager Matt Moniz conquers Mt. Makalu

Image: Agency, file.
Image: Agency, file.

KATHMANDU, Nepal–American teenager Matt Moniz has successfully atop 8,463 meter tall Mt. Makalu, congrats to the teenager boy who was already awarded with National Geographic Adventurer of the Year 2012. Matt was accompanied by veteran climber Willie Benegas. “Matt and Willie reached the summit of Makalu at 4am today,” the teenager’s father Michael confirmed. They had set for the Makalu expedition along with four Sherpa guides. Earlier a week ago, the 16 years old had conquered the 8,201-metre Mt. Cho-Oyu. In the meantime, American mountaineer Cleo has quit the expedition of Mt Lhotse. In spite of April 18 avalanche that swept away 16 Sherpa guides and mountaineering support staff in Everest region, Cleo had stayed in Base Camp to climb Mt Lhotse (8,516m) at any cost. She returned to Kathmandu on a fishtail chopper, Sunday according to media reports.  She reportedly had hired two support staffers a week after flown at C2 from Goraksep also.

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