(English) Lecture for trekkers on high altitude sickness

File photo. Photo Source: googlesearch.
File photo. Photo Source: googlesearch.

KATHMANDU, Nepal–Aiming to facilitate tourists trekking various mountainous region in Nepal and provide necessary information about high altitude sickness to the Nepali trekkers, a lecture for trekkers is being organized in Kathmandu from Monday.

Two dozen professional trekkers affiliated with various trekking agencies are taking part at the programme organized jointly by Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Ciwec Clinic and Himalayan Rescue Association (HRA).

On the occasion, experts discussed about various types of altitude sickness, its causes and symptoms, as well as preventive measures. During the discourse, Dr. Prativa Pandey said altitude sickness is a completely preventable disease and yet people die of it due to inadequate knowledge.

Experts have also reminded the trekkers to take effective medicines with them while trekking to high altitude regions during the discourse that will last for a week.

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