900 foreign nationals serving jail term in Nepal

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KATHMANDU, Nepal– As many as 900 foreign nationals are currently doing time in various Nepali jails on charge of drug smuggling, fraud, passport forgery, and trafficking of fake currency among others, informed officials at the Department of Prison Management (DoPM) in Kathmandu.

According to DoPM, the largest numbers of foreign inmates in Nepali jails are neighboring Indian citizens, followed by Bhutanese and Bangladeshis.

Likewise, citizens from Pakistan, China, Nigeria, Tanzania, France, Japan, the USA, the Philippines, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa, Zambia and Malaysia too are imprisoned in Nepal.

The figure shows that Indian and Bhutanese prisoners were sentenced on charges of drug smuggling, robbery, murder and human trafficking while most of Pakistani prisoners were confined for possessing fake currency notes and duplicate passports.

Likewise, scores of Bangladeshis were found in the transaction of fake currency, coupled with fraud and drug smuggling while northern neighbors were charged for overstaying their visa and possessing illegal arms.


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