Impact of climate change on GHT

A GHT team led by veteran mountaineer Appa Sherpa, file photo.
A GHT team led by veteran mountaineer Appa Sherpa, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-With an aim to highlight the climate change and its impact especially among people living in the mountainous region, a documentary ‘A Paradise in Waiting’ was screened in Kathmandu, recently.

Presented by the Himalayan Climate Initiative in association with the British Embassy, the documentary features Great Himalayan Trail — lives of mountain people there, their sufferings and others.

The footages shot by British Council Climate Champion 2010 Saurav Dhakal during his journey on the trail have been used to make the 52-minute long documentary, according to the thehimalayantimes.

Dhakal, along with Mt Everest summiteers duo Apa Sherpa, Dawa Steven Sherpa and few others had travelled the GHT accomplishing a distance of 1,555 km journey within 99 days.

The documentary brings to light the issues of climate change and tourism development besides highlighting their historical journey. Nevertheless, the documentary underlines Nepal’s beautiful natural beauty and depicts lives of mountain people from various ethnic backgrounds.

Climate change is one of the debatable and burning environmental issues of the world and its impacts have begun to be felt explicitly in the Himalayan Nation Nepal since a few years. The melting peaks, heavy rainfall, drought among other are some effects exasperated by the changing climate.

Likewise, ripening of fruits and blossoming of flowers ahead of their time which could be experienced in many parts of the world are other impacts of climate change, brings to light the documentary.

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