Leopard devours 92 goats within a week

Common leopard in Nepal, file photo.
Common leopard in Nepal, file photo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal- A leopard believed to have wandered out from the adjoining ShuklaPhanta Wildlife Reserve in Kanchanpur has killed as many as 92 goats of locals at Dodhara area in a week.

The leopard that comes during night takes away goats from pens and devours the animals, reports national news agency RSS quoting a witness Indrajeet Budha.

The leopard also preys on the goats while they are taken in the wildlife reserve for grazing during the day.

It is learnt that the leopard has so far killed the goats of more than 12 people in the village causing a loss of over 600 thousand rupees to them.

According to locals, the leopard is sometimes seen near the village in the day time also, spreading panic.

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