Rising intrusion on natural resources degrades environment, warn Ecologists

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KATHMANDU, Nepal- At a time the country is facing numerous challenges in conserving environment; ecologist and other stake holders have suggested that rising intrusion on natural resources should be put to an end to check environmental degradation.

During a two-day national symposium on Soil and Ecology Conservation in the Capital Kathmandu on Monday, they also expressed serious concern over the environmental degradation that took place wildly in the name of development, of late. Stating that the soil was considerably wearing away due to rampant use of bulldozers for constructing the roads and expansion of other physical perquisite, they stressed the need to work collectively to conserve natural environment at the grass root level in the country.

According to them, the environment was worsening owing to excessive collapse of natural resources including the intrusion of forest by specific person and group under the protection of specific political parties.

Environment is degrading due to globalization, capitalism and imperialism and Nepal is facing problems due to environment degradation.

Beside environmentalists, representatives of various political parties in Nepal took part in the programme.


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