Extramarital affairs major cause behind suicide: report

Suicide, logo.
Suicide, logo.

KATHMANDU, Nepal- Due to suppressed sexual desire and extramarital relation, fuelled by couples’ breakup due to foreign job, most people in the district have found to commit suicide, a study carried out by the District Police Office (DPO) Dolkha, located at 150 kilometer east of Capital Kathmandu, reveals.

The study shows that various social issues like foreign work; extreme poverty; tragic love affairs, loneliness and addict to alcohol,  resulting to extramarital affairs and distrust of such relationship caused by separation of couples due to oversea job are the major causes behind self-annihilation.

Of the total 35 people who committed suicide in the past one year in the district, 22 were female. Among them, 23 ended their life by hanging, seven by consuming poison while others died by jumping off the cliffs, according to police.

According to report, many victims are found to have left suicide notes hoping that the “guilty” will be sanctioned. DSP Om Prasad Adhikari, however, said there are no legal provisions in Nepal, which require investigations on the basis of suicide notes.

Many Nepalese youths have a compulsion to go abroad to earn their livelihood since government of Nepal is incapable to offer an employment opportunity to them.

Nearly, 30 thousand people in the district have been toiling in the Arabian countries, according to the data provided by District Administration Office. The number of Nepali workers leaving the country for foreign employment has soared to half million in the first 11 months of this fiscal year according to another recent data released by the the government of Nepal.

According to the department of Labour under the Ministry of Labour and Transportation , some three million Nepali youths are toiling hard in foreign lands to earn their livelihood in Nepal.

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