Adult Snow Leopard spotted in Mustang

Photo credit to SLC-NTNC/ACAP

KATHMANDU, Nepal-An adult snow leopard roaming at Annapurna (Jomsom-Muktinath-Lubra valley) in western Nepal. This is the fourth individually-identified snow leopard from around Mustang that was recently captured in one of the several cameras.

Senior snow leopard expert and Regional Conservation Director of Snow Leopard Conservancy, Dr. Som Ale said at least five snow leopards were spotted during the course of monitoring leopard in mountain district Mustang from 2011 to 2013. According to Dr. Ale they had clearly identified the magnificent cat along with its cub all through three years. The team headed by Ale is currently conducting monitoring the rare beast in Manang district, the adjoining of Mustang district. There is a scientific assumption that the common leopard descended above the mountain encroaching the habitant of this beautiful creature.

Dozens of Snow Leopard Scouts, the local high school youth, and herders, since 2011, have been monitoring snow leopards in Annapurna, under a long-term “community-based snow leopard monitoring” program. Three individual adult snow leopards were recognized in 2011.  All three were recaptured in 2012 but with a pleasant surprise:  One of them had a cub!

According to Dr. Ale, National Trust for Nature Conservation has been carried out education, conservation and monitoring program in the Annapurna Conservation Area on snow leopard after getting support from Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC)-Nepal Since 2011.  The SLC office is housed in the NTNC premises and undertakes programs in partnership with the NTNC.  SLC is a Californian based nonprofit organization dedicated to conserve the snow leopard.

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