Dolphin on the verge of extinct in Kailali

Dolphin file photo
Dolphin spotted at  Kandra River in Kailali ,file photo

KATHMANDU, Nepal-The number of fresh water dolphins, one of the world’s first protected species are on the verge of distinct in Kailali based rivers, located at 1000 kilometer far west of Capital Kathmandu due to fishing using poisoning, pollution and carelessness in conserving. According to an official at Bardiya National Park, the number of dolphins has fallen to half dozens from hundreds recorded in 1980. With the rise in water level during the rainy season, the dolphin used to be spotted in Kandra, Patharaiya, Mohana and Kanda Rivers. ‘Large number of tourists visiting Nepal used to throng these rivers to observe the dolphins, however, now the number of this endangered species has been gradually declining,’ locals complained. Locals also attributed to huge damp erected by the Indian sides in Girijapuri –15 kilometers south from Nepali border for the decrease of the dolphins. It is also said that uninterrupted hunting of dolphins for its oil and skin, the abundance of this species has sharply decreased. Earlier a research conducted six month ago hinted that if the alarming disappearance rate of one dolphin in every two years continues, the Karnali River Dolphin may be extinct by the end of this year.

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