Foul smell of dead bodies mar TIA

In this file photo by Nepalese soldiers carry the bodies of passengers and crew from a helicopter at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, Nepal-Due to the lack of proper room to store unattended corpses of Nepalese sent from foreign lands, country’s only one international airport Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) is marred by rotting and foul smell exhaling from the dead bodies.

According to the officials at the airport, the TIA receives four corpses on an average each day from foreign land. The store room lacks even a proper cooling system.

The officials further said that the things turn more troublesome when the kin or concerned people of the dead lingered to collect the body.

‘Some time the family members of the dead do not appear to claim dead body for weeks despite of getting information,’ another official complains.

‘Keeping the bodies at store room during the summer is a bit tougher since chemical have to be sprayed to keep the bodies from decaying’, non gazetted staff at TIA Ram Hari Karki told this portal.

‘We even have requested the hospitals to keep the corpses in their morgues in extreme case,’ Karki further told. Many relatives of the dead one even don’t get informed while some time it takes a couple of week for the villagers from distant land to travel to the Capital Kathmandu.

The government has not allotted any agency to look after corpses that are sent from foreign land.

According to TIA’s general manager Dinesh Shrestha, TIA has a capacity of a cooling system for only two dead bodies; however, the situation further turns mess sometime more than five corpses sent to TIA.

Shrestha further informed that initiations are being made to build a well equipped morgue. The TIA before a year back had received three bodies on an average each day, but the numbers has surpassed this days sometimes climbing to 8 bodies.

Foreign Employment Board has been set up at TIA for the welfare of migrant workers and the board collects Rs 1,000 from each migrant workers.


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