Suburb urbanizations in South Asia leaving impacts on environment, water sources

A photo of an suburb area in Kathmandu Valley. Photo: Agency
A photo of an suburb area in Kathmandu Valley. Photo: Agency

KATHMANDU, Nepal- A research study conducted recently has call for the protection of suburban areas for water security and to save environment as rapid expansion of such have left severe negative impact on ecology as a whole.

Making public a conclusion drawn from its research on the changes in water resources security system of South Asia, Nepal Engineering College, Kathmandu, suggested that the suburban areas be protected from the ill-effects of urbanization and from changes in ecology and climate.

The research was carried out from July 2010 to first week of June 2013 in Nepal, Gurgaon and Hyderabad of India and Khulna of Bangladesh.

The college has emphasized on water security of the suburban areas in the Kathmandu Valley.

It was learnt that some 700 tankers supply water to people in the Kathmandu valley, including in places like Matatirtha, Lubhu, Dadhikot and Jhaukhel.

At a two-day workshop that started on Tuesday, college professor and coordinator of the Water Security Programme, Ashutosh Shukla stressed on the need to cope with the effects of the climate change by identifying the underground locations in suburban areas.

The rights of the poor people residing in suburban areas were infringed upon by the urban population as those people are not well informed, the researcher said in a press statement.


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