Romanians conquered Ghandarva Peak

Two veteran Romanian mountaineers Cosmin Andron and Cristina Pogacean have successfully scaled Ghandarva Peak of  Annapurna mountain range for the first time. Andron and Pogacean stepped foot on the peak on May 6 at the initiation of Horizon Trekking Private Ltd. There were no previous official attempts on that peak which is 6, 248 meters high.  Ghandarva Peak also connects Annapurna III to Macchapuchhare.

Andron who served in China before becoming a mountain guide in his home country said he is feeling proud to scale the peak for the first time. He visited Nepal with a bid to scale the peak. He was encouraged to scale the peak after the Annapurna peak and Annapurna trekking route have earned far-famed abroad.

‘I will share my expedition experience of Annapurna to Romanian people soon,’ Andron said. Likewise another mountaineer Christina expressed her thrill to scale the peak successfully. Pogacean is a civil engineer by profession. Romanians mountaineers were accompanied by eight Nepalese guides during expedition.

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