Winter fall with beauty in snow!


KATHMANDU, Nepal – Jomsom Airport after the snowfall. Jomsom, the beautiful hilly town across the Himalayas, looked even more beautiful after the snowflakes covered it, reports said. With rays of the sun reflecting off flakes of snow that covered most parts of Mustang district, Jomsom bazaar looked like a grand stage as if it was extravagantly prepared for some romantic movie scenes, a report by Myrepublica said. Tourists, who had reached Jomsom before snowfall, were delighted to see their hotel gardens, streets and surrounding hills covered with snowflakes. With the snowfall both tourism entrepreneurs and farmers are happy. The snow helps in yielding more crops. However, flights to and from Jomsom were disrupted as the runway was covered with snow. With the country saw first winter rain on Saturday all most all the mountains and hills have been blanketed with snowflakes. Photo: Gorkhapatra


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